Our Mission.

Our mission is to help developers focus on software development, not their task management. We are focused on building a great product with an amazing user experience so that development teams can hit the ground running.

Eric – VP Ops

Eric has a diverse technical skill set, but architecting for network and system infrastructures is what he loves the most. He’s architected, supported, managed, and designed for many network and system infrastructures from startups to enterprise scale.

When he’s not managing server clusters, you’ll find him seeking out the rarest craft beer at his local beer spots, talking whisky with his co-workers, trading cryptocurrencies, or yelling at his computer screen while playing Hearthstone (and no, it never helps him win).

John – Sr. Engineer

John’s background in game and simulation programming and backend development lead him to join the startup world.

Before joining Jixee, John accelerated his learning curve by working on various projects, which eventually lead him to Sky Parlor Studios, where he was the third software engineer hired.

John’s favorite quote and life philosophy is, “Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze.”

Jesus – Product Manager

Jesus is a product manager at Jixee and considers branding to be his true love.

He most recently was a UX Designer at the social media apps company, North Social. His primary responsibilities were to design the UX for custom social apps for clients like Air New Zealand, Hilton, Zynga, and Herbalife.

While branding is Jesus’ true passion, sushi is a close second. He’s a sucker for Yellowtail Jalapeno.

Jesse – VP Marketing

Jesse Bouman is an entrepreneur and budding philanthropist. He is a self-described marketing nerd and technology geek. He previously founded and sold the digital marketing company Demeter Interactive.

Jesse is known for his digital marketing and entrepreneurial track record. He’s been mentioned in publications like Business Review USA, Investopedia.com, and quoted on sites like the Amex Small Business Forum. Jesse also contributes expert articles to websites like MO.com, Examiner.com, Technology Digital, and Sprout Social as a leader in marketing and entrepreneurship.

When not at his desk blogging or tweeting, he can be found in a coffee shop, exploring LA’s hidden treasures, or playing a game of dodgeball.

Seamus – Marketing Coordinator

Seamus is the Marketing Coordinator at Jixee. He has a slight obsession with grammatical structure thanks to the overzealous nun who taught his 12th grade writing class. Seamus enjoys memes, Reddit, bacon, and frightening his family off of Facebook. He loves being confused by quantum physics and scientific discovery, and still thinks that Pluto is a planet.