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Jixee is a task and communication hub that simplifies your dev team’s workflow.

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Trusted by development teams worldwide.

Great software is built by teams with clear communication.
Jixee is your hub that connects your favorite task and communication tools into one simple experience.


Jixee integrates with your existing services. Integrate your developer tools to create your unique workflow.

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Wheter you’re a new or legacy user, our easy to navigate documention will make your experience enjoyable.

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Wheter you’re a new or legacy user, our easy to navigate documention will make your experience enjoyable.

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Creative layouts to build your great shop, powered by the most popular WordPress eCommerce engine.

Steps To Take Before Bringing Your PC to A Shop

Your computer consists of crucial details, a lot of it exclusive. Individuals that will certainly repair it might need to change Windows, which usually calls for accessibility to your password-protected manager account.

They’re most likely truthful, however you can not rely on that. As well as also if they’re sincere, they might still clean your hard disk out of need or inexperience.

However with the best preventative measures, getting your computer repair in Columbus, OH should not cause a calamity.

Why Minimalist Design Can Benefit Your User Experience.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” –Albert Einstein Have you ever ended up on a site after searching for a specific resource, only to find out that you just signed up for something without even noticing? It’s mind boggling to think about this in hindsight, as say to…

The benefits of converting SVGs to web fonts.

The benefits of converting SVGs to web fonts. It’s astonishing to me how much I’ve grown from traditional design into UI/UX and product design. Although there were many challenges and compromises along the way, I appreciate what design has evolved to in this vastly changing market. I originally came from a creative background specializing primarily in illustrations and commercial design. With 12+ years experience in the design industry and now…

My Top UI/UX Prototyping Tools for 2016

At some point or another every designer will face a project that requires some prototyping preliminary work. Believe me when I say that deciding what tool is right for you can be overwhelming, and borderline discouraging. There is a vast collection of tools out there with a multitude of features that don’t always fit the exact need one is looking for. So first things first, it’s important to know exactly…

Awesome Features

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Provide your mobile users with the best experience by sharing the most detailed images.

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