3 Steps to Optimizing Your Product Development Cycle

As a product manager, you’re under immense pressure to spearhead releases quickly. At the same time, you’re relentlessly committed to quality, collaboration, and thoughtful user research. Across industries from software to healthcare, finance — and even hardware, product leads are constantly walking tightropes between competing organizational objectives. It’s a balancing act. Sometimes, you feel like … Read more

What’s a Good Alternative to Pivotal Tracker?

A few months ago, we outlined what we thought were good alternatives to Jira. Today we’re going to review some alternatives to Pivotal Tracker. It might seem counter-intuitive to offer alternatives to Pivotal Tracker, because they could be our competitors, since Jixee is a task and communications hub for development teams. But we’re consumers too and … Read more

6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Junior Developer

As the market of great technical talent continues to dwindle, hiring a junior developer has become an increasingly attractive option for many startups. There are several perks to hiring junior level programmers instead of more senior “ninja-rockstar” developers. First, they tend to fit better with startup level budget constraints. Junior developers may also be more … Read more